The classes are designed to encourage creativity and guide you to learning the right techniques in mastering Oils/Watercolour/Acrylic/Sketching/Pastel (whichever is your choice of medium)

The classes are not set in stone and the images and types of painting can be adapted to what you desire.  In my opinion I have found that if you are not interested in the subject your are painting, then the joy is not there and the passion subsides.

The classes are designed for students of any level working in any medium.  Instruction will be provided for all aspects of compositions: students will be assisted in the process of discovery and the understanding of what they want to paint, and how to achieve results.  Moving forward in their creative development they will learn to see and understand the effect of light, shade and colour and tone, while using many wonderful techniques and tools of painting.

It does not matter if one is a beginner or and advanced student, we can all learn something and inspire each other to enjoy these wonderful mediums.  Each person will develop their own individual expression.

The classes are a maximum of 8 students, but I will also do 1 to 1 if required.

Please go to my contact page if you are interested in attending a class.  They are usually held on a Tue/Wed/Thursday 10am till 2pm

Cost is £30.00 per lesson.  You will be required to bring your own materials but I will have some materials in case your forget anything.

Lunch is not provided but water, tea & coffee & biscuits will be available.