My artwork is an assemblage of objects and colour from all around me, and this inspires me to create artwork that could elevate a room, create a talking point for visitors or make you feel emotionally engaged.

I want my work to reach out and make you feel something, no matter how little or how much you know about art.  I want it to leave you feeling an emotion, maybe excitement, maybe sadness. From deep within me I create an explosion of feelings that hopefully comes out in my paintings.

My Styles

CHARCOAL & PASTEL the powdery strokes on blank paper create mood and movement and in my mind will forever be classically stylish.

WATERCOLOURS that bleed and become a delicate wash into colours that flow and create soft and hard edges, it runs away with itself creating something different and beautiful with every stroke or drop or spray.

OILS & ACRYLICS are explosive and rough but the end product is elegantly flowing and emotionally charged.

POINTILLISM is another love, these delicate drawings are done with permanent ink pens, using various size tips to create small pin point dots which are used to lumini the darks and lights in the shadows and which take hours and hours of meticulous almost painful repetition of the hand to dot my way to completion.